As the photographer sees it; The Georgian beauty of Bath Spa, England

When I first stepped into the City of Bath Spa, seeing the Abbey for the first time was one of the most special moments during my time in the historic city.

Built into the facade of Bath Abbey are wonderful religious carvings. Simply studying the abbey can take hours to decode the centuries of history.

The river winds right through Bath Spa and there is an interesting weir built into the river’s system and the birds seem to fit right at home in its many pools.

Bath Spa was founded in AD 43 by the Romans and it was named Aquae Sulis because of the bubbling hot springs. Truly, throughout history, the hot springs have played a pivotal role in the city.

A solemn busker plays his violin under the shadow of Bath Abbey. Probably one of my favourite photos from my couple days spent in Bath Spa.

In the abbey, a stone effigy raises his hands in prayer to the light streaming in through the stained glass window. On the day I visited the abbey, the light was perfect and I thanked the sun for helping a brother out.

On the day I went to visit the Royal Crescent, it felt like it was 40 degrees Celsius. Finding a store that sells bottled water is nearly impossible in Bath Spa. Must have been looking in the wrong place.

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