Mistaken for Spider-man in Twin Butte, Alberta

Hello everyone; welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth. For those of you don’t know I work as a community journalist in Southern Alberta. I write for the Crowsnest Pass Promoter as well as the Pincher Creek Echo. Some pretty wacky things happen to me, but there are some tales that seem to top all ordinary comical stories.

While waiting for a late night Peigan Cowboys hockey game to start, I decided to take the long, windy road to the Twin Butte General Store for some of the best Mexican food around these parts. Certainly muy bueno for a place that if you blink, you miss it.

Alas, the night I set out for some good old fashioned chimichangas was indeed a blustery one. Wind howled bout my car, whirling dervishes of white dancing in the frigid air outside. Little did I know, but I would soon be mistaken for the web crawling wonder himself. Huh!

I parked at the restaurant and sat at the bar, ordered my mexican food. Beside me, a man starts talking past me to his friend sitting on the other side of me. Kind of made it awkward to eat my Mexican food.

Then, the man, referred to himself as Jimmy the Cowboy, sits down beside me and starts waving at me; let’s just say this man had too much of the stuff that heals all.

He said, ‘Hey you, Hey…Hey, you..” Looking up, I knew that was my queue. He asked me what I did and I told him I worked for the paper. At this moment, he looked confused. Looking me up and down he suddenly came to a realization, much to do with my glasses and occupation of choice.

“You must be Peter Parker,” he said. “Yes, you’re Spiderman.”

Darn he got me; I thought I had hidden well enough from the evils of the Green Goblin and Doc Ock, but it was not meant to be. But Jimmy wasn’t done. More confusion from him.

“But Spiderman doesn’t stutter,” he said.

Well, he has that one right. As he proceeded to order me a shot of tequila, he asked me if I had ever done a drop shot. Allowing him his chance to shine, I said no. He said, well, you drop it in to the juice.

Truly, I’m not sure if Jimmy ever figured out who I was, whether I was really the web-crawling wonder or just a community journalist.

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