Things to do in Bath England (Attractions) | Travel from Bath to Stonehenge/Mad Max Tours

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Before leaving for the United Kingdom, I was terrified. Questions rattled through my mind like the lumbering trains I’d be travelling on through Britain. Would I catch my plane? Would I get on the right train? Would I end up on the wrong plane, heading for Saskatchewan?

Luckily, none of those things happened. I have traveled with my family before but my trip to the United Kingdom would be my first outside Canada on my own. For both avid travellers and those newly bitten by the travel bug, it is no secret. Travelling alone can cause some jitters.

My adventure began earlier than expected when our plane landed for a stopover in Glasgow Scotland.  Sitting around a Scottish airport listening to a funny security guard was a great way to start my trip across Great Britain.

When I arrived  in England, I was so worried. I stood in the wrong line at customs. Then the arrivals area caused me untold difficulty. It wasn’t boding well for my trip.  Finally, I  had to face my first nemesis. The train boards.

After standing around and gawking at the train boards, I found my first platform. A special thank you must go out to a helpful English lady who assisted me by telling me the correct train and carriage as well.

In addition, thank you to the conductor who told me that the station I was going to get off at was not the safest. This would probably be my only blog entry if I went there.

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