Why travellers should visit Inverness | Day Trips from Inverness Scotland (Tourism)

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Why travelers must visit Inverness Scotland. Travel with me from Inverness to Loch Ness by bus for the best Inverness has to offer in the form of day trips from Inverness. Inverness Day tours are perfect to see a piece of the Highlands.

Visit Inverness Scotland thanks to tourism attractions, landscapes and things to do in Inverness. The city is the perfect jumping off point to visit Loch Ness Scotland and the haunting Culloden Battlefield.

Enjoy great Inverness attractions and things to do in Inverness Scotland. The weather in Scotland, especially at Inverness can be unpredictable, but a trip to the Highlands isn’t complete without it. 


I left Edinburgh by train and travelled to Stonehaven, Scotland. I was on my way to Dunnottar Castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. It lies on a precarious cliff just outside town.

After disembarking the Edinburgh train, I learned the castle was a fair ways outside Stonehaven. The ticket agent at the train station ordered me a taxi cab. The fare surprised me.

Eight pounds to the castle and another eight pounds back to the train station. The castle was only a ten minute taxi drive outside the town.

The driver provided me a tour of the town on the way back. He assured me the detour was only to show off his hometown and that he wouldn’t increase the fare. I was pleased that he kept his word and to learn the village was astoundingly beautiful.

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Inverness, Scotland, Inverness Scotland, travel, photography, travel photography, photos, images

Dunnottar Castle lies on the cliff high above the tumultuous ocean. Before the fortress was destroyed by Jacobite forces, it witnessed such historical juggernauts as William Wallace and an eight month siege from Oliver Cromwell.

In order to visit the castle, travellers descend a long, steep set of stairs and then climb another staircase up to the castle. The beautifully situated main keep lies on the crag.

In the sixteenth century, it must have been easy to defend, but also very simple for others to siege as well. It was hard to climb the stairs to the castle with my backpacks, but it was worth the long haul.

I paid my entrance fee and spent as long as I could at the castle. In fact I peered out of every tower and ascended every winding staircase that I could. My friends, it’s the only way to visit a castle.

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