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Ever wonder the connection between Lord of the Rings and traveling?
Why Bilbo Baggins was right about traveling

Our world can take a few pointers from the wise teachings of wizards
What our society can learn from Gandalf

Haven’t seen the photographs released of the Hobbit dwarves yet?
Peter Jackson releases ‘The Hobbit’ Dwarves photos
How much would you calculate the dragon under the Lonely Mountain to be worth?
Forbes Calculates the Wealth of Smaug
Growing up with Harry Potter and his friends
Deathly Hallows film release marks end of Harry Potter era
With 2011’s Royal Wedding, what would your top five fantasy weddings be?
The Royal Wedding; Top 5 Fantasy Fiction Weddings
Click links to visit both science/technology and sci fi postings
How the increasingly bright lights of cities are affecting planetary enthusiasts
Calgary light pollution affecting sky gazer
Ever wonder how the universe, stars and galaxies were born?
Alberta scientists studying births of stars and galaxies

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