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How to start a (Canadian) travel blog | Travel the world and start small

When someone asks me ‘how to start a travel blog,’ I have a simple answer for them. Start somewhere, travel when you can and don’t be afraid to try new things and open up your world. The road to becoming a top (Canadian) travel blogger (vlogger) begins when you step out your door. Many like the idea of world travel, but traveling the world can … Continue reading How to start a (Canadian) travel blog | Travel the world and start small

Why travellers should visit Inverness | Day Trips from Inverness Scotland (Tourism)

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Why travelers must visit Inverness Scotland. Travel with me from Inverness to Loch Ness by bus for the best Inverness has to offer in the form of day trips from Inverness. Inverness Day tours are perfect to see a piece of the Highlands.

Visit Inverness Scotland thanks to tourism attractions, landscapes and things to do in Inverness. The city is the perfect jumping off point to visit Loch Ness Scotland and the haunting Culloden Battlefield.

Enjoy great Inverness attractions and things to do in Inverness Scotland. The weather in Scotland, especially at Inverness can be unpredictable, but a trip to the Highlands isn’t complete without it. 


I left Edinburgh by train and travelled to Stonehaven, Scotland. I was on my way to Dunnottar Castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. It lies on a precarious cliff just outside town.

After disembarking the Edinburgh train, I learned the castle was a fair ways outside Stonehaven. The ticket agent at the train station ordered me a taxi cab. The fare surprised me.

Eight pounds to the castle and another eight pounds back to the train station. The castle was only a ten minute taxi drive outside the town.

The driver provided me a tour of the town on the way back. He assured me the detour was only to show off his hometown and that he wouldn’t increase the fare. I was pleased that he kept his word and to learn the village was astoundingly beautiful.

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Inverness, Scotland, Inverness Scotland, travel, photography, travel photography, photos, images

Dunnottar Castle lies on the cliff high above the tumultuous ocean. Before the fortress was destroyed by Jacobite forces, it witnessed such historical juggernauts as William Wallace and an eight month siege from Oliver Cromwell.

In order to visit the castle, travellers descend a long, steep set of stairs and then climb another staircase up to the castle. The beautifully situated main keep lies on the crag.

In the sixteenth century, it must have been easy to defend, but also very simple for others to siege as well. It was hard to climb the stairs to the castle with my backpacks, but it was worth the long haul.

I paid my entrance fee and spent as long as I could at the castle. In fact I peered out of every tower and ascended every winding staircase that I could. My friends, it’s the only way to visit a castle.

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Traveling with Krushworth – The Heart of Seville, Spain: Seville Cathedral | Things to do in Seville Spain

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Welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth.

This past May, I travelled by myself to Spain. This was my second solo adventure and it started with me landing in Madrid. After seeing the sights of the nation’s capital, I headed south by train to Cordoba and finally onto Seville.

Today’s posting features the amazing Seville Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the world and the third largest church on Earth.

First things first. For those who have never travelled alone, know that it is a hectic experience. I got off the train at Santa Justa station and immediately, my first task was to find the bus station, which ended up being across the street.

Travel Tip: If you’re standing at a bus station and you’re worried about how to get to your destination, make sure you ask lots of questions to those around you (if they look relatively normal). This helps to avoid possible confusion and getting lost. 

Thank you to the young man who pointed me onto the correct bus and told me which stop to get off at. I probably would have ended up in another city without his assistance. My hotel was at the far north end of the city’s historic district.

Once at my accommodations, I almost immediately set out towards Seville’s heritage core. Even though I had my map in hand and excitement to boot, my day was derailed when I became horribly lost. Yet, I ended up seeing Seville’s Metropol Parasol, a massive wooden structure in the Plaza Encarnacion.

Although the art installation is not that far off the beaten path, I ended up getting even more lost (I’m not that great with maps) and was absolutely exhausted by the time I saw Seville Cathedral. The hike from my hostel to the cathedral, which was supposed to be 20 minutes, ended up being a lot longer, because I hadn’t got the hang of the streets yet.

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Ancient meets modern in historic Istanbul – Turkey Travel Photography – Istanbul Photography

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Enjoy Istanbul photography and Turkey travel photography (travel photos) from Istanbul Turkey. You’ll never forget your Istanbul Turkey travel guide with me as your host.

As the early morning sunlight poked its head tentatively over the rooftops of Istanbul, the hauntingly beautiful Islamic call to prayer pierced the relative silence of a historic city—once home to power hungry Byzantine Emperors and Ottoman Sultans alike.

Just as I have traveled to many countries around the world, I have always been deeply fascinated with the nation of Turkey. It was love for history, people and the culture of Turkey, which drove me to board a plane this past May and return to ages long forgotten.

Imagine for a second a nation boasting the Troy of Homer’s Illiad, images of the Ionian people fleeing the Dorian invasion and settling the Turquoise Coast and Hittite forces besieging Egyptian strongholds.

Istanbul photography, Hagia Sophia, Aya Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey, travel photography, travel photos

Picture the sun setting low over the chariot-racing track, the Hippodrome of Constantinople. Not only did the Romans build Ephesus—once capital of Asia Minor—but Asia also became the seat of New Rome in the form of Constantinople, thus changing the direction of western history forever.

Landing in Istanbul—once Emperor Constantine’s seat of Byzantine power—I was immersed in the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis. Straddled on two continents—Asia and Europe—ancient meshed well with the markets and modern streets of New Town.

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Ephesus Turkey History (Turkey Travel Photography) | The story of the ancient ruins of Ephesus

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Enjoy the history of Ephesus Turkey and Turkey travel photography (travel photos) from the Ancient City of Ephesus. You’ll never forget your trip to the Ruins of Ephesus.

It is no secret that I have a deep fascination with history. Long before visiting Turkey, I already knew one of the highlights of my trip would be the ancient city of Ephesus. Now having returned from my travels, the city was more than I could ever imagine.

Known around the world as what could be the most incredible Roman ruins outside Italy, this ancient city did not disappoint. Five minutes after leaving its hallowed stone streets behind, I still thought of the history I just left behind.

I had heard stories about the mysticism of Ephesus and the beauty of its marble temples and paved boulevards stretching past the Celsus Library and towards the ancient harbour. One can never forget the acoustics of the Great Theatre of Ephesus.

It’s almost easy to picture noble Queen Cleopatra and Anthony as they disembarked their vessel and looked up towards the city. Could you picture St. Paul giving his address at Ephesus? What about the men who marched against Sardis, those men of Ephesus who would be some of the few to start the Persian-Greco Wars?
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