National Music Centre/Studio Bell | Calgary Alberta Tourist Attractions

Calgary Alberta’s National Music Centre opened in the new Studio Bell space in the East Village in 2016. The facility acts as one of Canada’s national institutions to celebrate music in all of its forms, and it’s a source of pride.

The building was built by Allied Works Architecture and Brad Cloepfil. But, it’s during this time of so much division, that we must celebrate that which brings us together. We can learn so much about different people through song.

As Canadians, we love music.

Whether it’s Gordon Lightfoot, the late Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip, Randy Bachman, the Guess Who, k.d. lang or Leonard Cohen among countless others, the art form binds us, tells us who we are as people and gives us a chance to express ourselves with colour and without borders or boundaries.

We need every opportunity we can get to learn about different people, other cultures, music styles and those artists who give them such soul and energy.

As Calgarians, Canadians and citizens of the world, if you have the chance to visit the National Music Centre, do so. Learn about others and the music that helps them make sense of the world.

It’s a different language, but it’s our shared humanity.

One thought on “National Music Centre/Studio Bell | Calgary Alberta Tourist Attractions

  1. Music truly is a powerful form of communicating. It is wonderful that some artists can share positive an uplifting content. Also, it is wonderful that music can unite people. The National Music Centre is an amazing hub to come and learn about this. Thank you for the lovely post about it.

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