How to start a (Canadian) travel blog | Travel the world and start small

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When someone asks me ‘how to start a travel blog,’ I have a simple answer for them. Start somewhere, travel when you can and don’t be afraid to try new things and open up your world. The road to becoming a top (Canadian) travel blogger (vlogger) begins when you step out your door.

Many like the idea of world travel, but traveling the world can be frightening. I went from being scared about traveling the world to becoming a passionate travel blogger.

Initially, I was gifted a video camera for my birthday and I brought it with me on my first international trip. I enjoyed filming my adventures so much that I decided to start my own Youtube travel channel, Traveling with Krushworth

I’ve been on YouTube for four years and something simple like filming videos has fueled my passion for travel. My parents took my brother and I traveling when we were younger, but my love for creating travel videos started in the UK.

My 2011 solo adventure to England, Wales and Scotland drove my desire to want more from travel. Yet, before I went on my own, I was terrified and I don’t mind saying that, because many people let this fear limit their having new experiences.

Everyone is nervous about traveling. However, some let this stop them from trying. Travel isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to but are afraid, here’s my advice. Start small and work your way up to other nations.

The first time you see a train board, it’s disconcerting. Think for a second about how you feel when you land in a new country without your bearings. It can be strange but it’s thrilling as well. The payoff from world travel is immense.

Madrid, Spain, travel, video, vlogger, YouTubeTraveling is definitely nerve wracking because you’re stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s at this point that I must say I’m not some adventurous solo traveler. The truth is far from it, but I love the way I see countries.

I’ve visited Great Britain, Spain and New York City alone, but for Turkey, Jordan and Israel, I joined a travel tour group. First, this is a way to not feel lonely and to see the country with like-minded individuals.

Many people are passionate about traveling, but one thing that is different about the way I travel is my ability to share travel videos.

I’m a huge fan of travel shows such as Departures on OLN Canada and many others.

travel, photography, photos, Cappadocia, Turkey, UchisarMy goal is to one day have my own television show. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is why I started the Youtube channel.

It’s one of my greatest passions, outside traveling itself.

Little to nothing stops me from filming my adventures, not even the fact I’m traveling solo or that I have a speech impediment. Since I mostly travel alone, I film, edit, host and promote the show myself.

Nearly everyone wants someone to travel with, but often, based on friends not being able to afford it or because one is single, people have to travel on their own.

If you’re interested in becoming a travel show host, YouTube opens up many doors. If you enjoy traveling and do so with a camera, it’s as easy as that.

You start slow and then start adding equipment if you become serious. After learning I loved filming my travels, I’ve upgraded my camera, purchased a microphone and tripod.

Visit me on YouTube at Traveling with Krushworth and please subscribe.

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