Sunset over Ayvalik Turkey – Photo a day, July 28, 2012 – Turkey Travel Photography

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Enjoy Ayvalik Turkey travel photography and more travel photos from the beautiful Aegean seaside village of Ayvalik Turkey.

From my vantage point on the terrace of our Ottoman 20th century home stay, the Aegean loomed in the distance with the rust coloured shingled homes sloping down towards the Aegean Sea. All was quiet in the town as the call to prayer sounded over the village. Enjoy Turkey travel photography (travel photos) from the beautiful seaside town of Ayvalik Turkey.

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Welcome photo lovers, travel enthusiasts and fellow bloggers to Traveling with Krushworth. Much as there are my photos from Great Britain, Cambodia and Turkey, follow me across Great Britain and Turkey with my YouTube travel show Traveling with Krushworth Happy travels! The Gallipoli, Ayvalik episode is to your left.

6 thoughts on “Sunset over Ayvalik Turkey – Photo a day, July 28, 2012 – Turkey Travel Photography

  1. To what riverside are you referring? I live in Ayvalik and to my knowledge there is no river. We have a sea, it’s the Aegean, is that what you mean?

      1. Sorry to be picky but I see you have changed “riverside” to “ocean”, neither is correct. It is not the Antarctic/Arctic/Pacific/Atlantic/Indian Ocean; it is a sea.

        I’m glad you like my town, so do I!

        (Please don’t take offence – “sea” vs “ocean” is one of my bugbears, as is “theatre” vs “amphitheatre”: I like language to be descriptive and accurate.)

        Once an English teacher, always an English teacher!!

      2. Thank you for keeping me on my toes. Glad to see you’re reading these and making sure they’re right. Sometimes I get a little quick on the publish button.

        Hope all is well in Turkey,

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