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Hello everybody; first of all, I want to thank everyone for liking my photos on WordPress. It certainly means a lot to me and hopefully you guys keep it up. Next up, kudos is in order for the 86 people who have decided they enjoy my photography enough to follow me by email.

I would like to offer you guys a different way to keep in touch with Traveling with Krushworth and that is liking me on my Facebook page. Since the entire world is linked on Facebook, it becomes that much easier to share and like photos and keep track of when the latest post is online.

Or if you have Twitter, you can follow me @RealmOfMyOwn. One large thank you goes out to everyone who has made my travel blog a success. It would mean the world to me to see you on my Facebook page and Twitter; plus, it’s easier to communicate back and forth over Facebook pages rather than WordPress comments.

Kevin Rushworth

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