Welcome to the blog’s new look – Traveling with Krushworth

Hello everybody. First of all, some thanks are in order. Your help and views on all my posts have absolutely astounded me. It was only a couple of months ago that I created Traveling with Krushworth and I have never looked back. To me, a blog is not a blog until people start liking the posts and the time I’ve poured into each and every page. Indeed, in my view, this has become one of my most special hobbies and for this I thank you.

With some help from a friend, I have remodeled the blog and hopefully made it that much easier to search for posts from each country I have visited. First of all, the menu bar at the very top of the page is easier and now boasts drop downs in many cases.

In addition, photo of the day (Cambodia and Great Britain) is now that much simpler to find as it is now on the home page or at the top of each page in the menu bar as well. I’m not sure if people know this, but I created my own YouTube travel show called Traveling with Krushworth as well. Just another way to draw newcomers into my world of travel blogging.

Please enjoy the newly improved menu bar and I will keep appreciating all the views and those people who have taken the time to subscribe to my blog. Seeing your gravatar images keep popping up on my WordPress dashboard has become something special. Thank you.

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