Jostle through the crowded aisles of Phnom Penh’s Russian Market

Only having been in Phnom Penh for half a day, my family and I took a tuk-tuk to the Russian Market, which would be one of the first markets we would see on our trip through Cambodia. When stepping into the Russian market, sadly, there were no elderly ladies named Helga or Olga making borscht at the stalls; in fact, there was truly nothing Russian about the place.

The stalls were cramped, small and the isles were crowded. People sat on desks chopping eels, frying fish, cooking and selling anything you could ever imagine. As a photographer, I stayed in the market to get many different pictures. Not only was I able to get some stunning shots of everyday life in the capital, but I was also in the way like a good tourist.

Though my family and I have traveled before, it was different to be stared at because of our white skin colour. As well, the kids found us truly amusing and would come up to us and my dad who held the video camera.

One thought on “Jostle through the crowded aisles of Phnom Penh’s Russian Market

  1. Hi, when i start seeing your photos, i think you are traveling in my country. But i am wrong, it is a country beside my country. Have you ever went to Vietnam? Let’s go to my country. There are a lot attractive things for you. I acctually like your photos

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